Chapter One

Nakba...The Tragedy That Didn't Have To be

Honigman...How can you be so insensitive?!?

Perhaps the following can help explain...

There has certainly been much suffering in this world, and I don't mean to downplay any of it.

But, in regards to what Arabs and their supporters accuse Israel of--and the rest of the world's apparent lapse of memory, ignorance, or worse--it's essential to expose these issues to a more revealing light, one too often deliberately shut off.

Shortly after Israel celebrates its Independence Day each spring (the exact date differs from year to year due to the Hebrew lunar calendar), the world faces another “celebration” of sorts…the Arabs’ “Nakba” Day, May 15th of each year. That’s what the Arabs call their catastrophe, Israel’s rebirth, placing guilt for their own post-’48 predicament on Jews.


They demonstrate all over--including in America and in Israel itself--and assorted media give them as much, if not more, coverage than they do for Israel Independence Day.

While I don’t deny Arabs their audience, would the same protests of scores of millions of black Africans , Copts, Imazighen (Berbers), Kurds, Assyrians, Jewish refugees from Arab/Muslim lands (or the few Jews still remaining there), and other non-Arab victims of Arab imperial conquest, forced Arabization, murder, expulsion, genocide, and so forth over years (continuing to this day) get the same media publicity and attention? ...
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