It is an honor to endorse Gerald Honigman’s book...

Jerry is a friend and a great writer. His book brings out the greater human perspective in the Arab-Israeli conflict, shouting from the heart to a world that has shut its ears to the suffering of the Jewish people and also to others in the region too often ignored as well.

When I speak about peace with Israel, I am often told that I am credible because I am an Arab and not a Jew. But why is that? Who can represent Jewish injustice more than Jews themselves? And is it not time to discuss “justice” in the broader perspective? That is why this book is vital. It is time for the world to listen.

This book will open minds and hearts to the quest for justice for all of the Middle East’s peoples—not only Arabs.

This book is a cry for justice that will have a sobering effect on a world that is, for convenience, becoming more and more anti-Semitic.
Nonie Darwish, author Cruel and Usual Punishment and Now They Call Me Infidel


It is important for the United States, Europe, and others to remove their protection from and stop ignoring the actions of such oppressive regimes as that of the Arab nationalist Ba’ath in Syria and support democracy advocates there, in Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, the Sudan, Algeria, and elsewhere.

Mr. Honigman’s book argues in detail for just such a solution. It presents a look at justice in the region from a much broader perspective than the view that is so prevalent today, which only addresses the Arab cause.
Dr. Sherkoh Abbas, Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria
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