The Imazighen (Berbers of North Africa) are struggling every day for their most basic rights. The right to land, the right to speak and use their mother tongue, the right to give our children the names we want, the right to follow the religion we want, the right to security. All of these basics rights and others are refused to the Amazigh people on their own land by Arabo-Islamist dictatorial states in North Africa.

In comparison, Israel is a dream democracy for us. If we were Palestinian Arabs, we could have enjoyed 2 states, financial and official support from many of the countries in the world, the best media coverage of all time, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and added to that, for Arabs in Israel itself, all the freedoms Israel guaranties to all of its citizens.

About the relation between the Jewish people and the Amazigh people...

So, my heart always goes out to my friends, and I know that the struggle of the Amazigh and Jewish people is the same.

Thanks to my dear friend, Gerald Honigman, for writing this book.
- Yugurten, Publisher, Afrique-du-Nord.com


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