I guess you can say that I've been preparing for this book most of my life.

A great man once summed up the Arab-Israeli conflict as appetite versus starvation. We’ll revisit him a bit later…Indeed, the scope of his analogy goes far beyond what he thought at the time, back in 1937, for the same Arab mindset which allows no room whatsoever for justice for Jews (one half of whom in Israel who were refugees from the so-called "Arab"/Muslim World) also denies justice to scores of millions of other non-Arab peoples in the region as well...

This book does not attempt to be a tour de force regarding Arab-Israeli politics and history, although the author has spent quite a substantial portion of his life studying this conflict in both academic and professional capacities. With the Middle East constantly making the news, there are plenty of the former available.

Rather, this book aims to provide the basics of the conflict to those being bombarded daily with news and misinformation coming out of this important region, and to place such topics and issues into a much broader perspective--one too often ignored by those who should certainly know better.


This book is an attempt to promote justice for all parties in conflict in the Middle East. It will also deal with other key issues too often overlooked...

I have always stressed the necessity of the pursuit of relative justice and have never claimed the absence of a case to be made for the other side...the broader perspective, fair compromise, and such--again, what this book attempts to be all about. I believe that if Arab parents did likewise, this conflict could have been resolved many decades ago.
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